My Horses

My uncle and I breed straight egyptian arabians! The farm is located in Wisconsin. Here are some pictures of the ones I am most involved with! I miss them so much since I've been living in Colorado! If anyone is interested in talking horse talk with me I would LOVE it!
Thanks for the interest
  1. Abu Azimm. My Gelding that I am trying to move out to Colorado with me!
  2. Haliah Gorgeous solid black filly that we sold!
  3. My Baby Girl Layla Ameera!
  4. Layla and I again
  5. Prince Amin M R
  6. Our New Stallion at 2 years!
  7. Haliah!
  8. Ansata Nile Prinse (not mine but a stallion we've bred to) He was sold after the breeding to Egypt!!
  9. Saud el Halima with foal!
  10. Oracolo and Jewel with my uncle!
  11. Ibn Halabi aka Izzy! One of the stallions we bred and Sold! THE sweetest temperament.
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