My pet family

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These are my babies, so many pictures to choose from, it's hard to limit myself.
  1. Mr. Bailey, I have a definite soft spot in my heart for this special cat.  His favorite foods are tomatoes and strawberry licorice and he sleeps...
  2. Azriel watching the pet sitter video also.
  3. Chloe, Miss Kitty's best friend.
  4. Thumper who doesn't play well with others gets his own private yard with an air conditioned shed and a log to scratch on.  Don't tell me my cats are...
  5. Another typical Fritz position.  I don't know how this can be comfortable but then I'm not a cat.
  6. Miss Blackie...someone else's cast off who's adjusted to life with my gang.
  7. Miss Kitty who has recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  When the nasty neighbors left 10 years ago, they left her behind and she came to live with...
  8. Sammy sitting in a tree for some reason.  What a handsome face he has!  It's no wonder he was so popular with the ladies before he got neutered.
  9. You pushed me yesterday Sam so I'll push you today.  Tommy
  10. I don't think I should have had that second helping!
  11. Fritz the freckle boy.  I don't know if he is more unique for all the freckles on his body or his bat wing mustache?
  12. A typical Fritz lounging position.
  13. Reba the reclusive wallflower and possibly Sam's sister.  A Reba sighting at my house is a rare thing for most visitors.
  14. Sam (Samson) asleep on the job.  I believe this is the day the mouse got into the house.  It doesn't appear to me that he's missed many meals...
  15. Max, the only cat out of 16 that I actually got at the Humane Society.
  16. All quilts are tested and approved by Olivia first!
  17. Mama Kitty relaxing on a hot summer day.
  18. Mr. Dan and Babydoll are closer than two cats can be for not being brothers.
  19. Riley on the potty.
  20. Riley's first day home from the refinery
  21. Olivia in her basket which she is not too big for, the basket is just too small for her!
  22. Pickles taking a catnap on the cat tree.
  23. Pickles watching commercials.
  24. Who couldn't love a kitten as cute as my Pickles especially when they sit like this 24/7??
  25. Fritz and all his freckles asleep in his favorite spot.
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