Minnie & Sebastian devonshire rex

  1. Give a girl a break & just a little more room!
  2. 2 peas in a pod - think I'll stretch my front paw a little.
  3. OK, at least we can spread out on the sofa.
  4. I'm too tired to care.
  5. Sebastian window gazing
  6. It's you again
  7. I'm a pretty boy
  8. I like this new toy
  9. Yes mommy, We're behavin'
  10. I'll keep watching to see if Sebastian tries to take my carrot toy from me.
  11. Here I am the watch-cat of the cat tree all dressed up in my Eagles football jersey.  Go E-A-G-L-E-S!
  12. Sssshhhhhhh, Minnie doesn't know it yet, but I'm watching her.
  13. My name is Sebastian.  I'm 4 years old.  I live with my furry friend, Minnie who is 9.
  14. Minnie is a 9 yr. old retired grand champion -- catching up on her beauty sleep
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