My Babies

I will add my skin babies as well as my fur babies.
  1. Overseeing Mommie working on a project. Making sure I di it right and she oversaw it from beginning to end. 1/2011
  2. Sharing space now, Amy, Boo and beautiful Giz. NO piles yet but we are working on it..Just sharing space like this is big progress..
  3. My beautiful Samantha is getting old, her whiskers are white now but she is still as sweet as ever. She has always been such a sweet, good girl!...
  4. Lady Boo, OH how I love you! You bring me as much joy as you brought Mama. I thank God every day that He answered my prayers of having you know...
  5. Sweet Amy, forever and always will have that special place in my heart for the lessons you are teaching me. You are still as sweet as ever and I love...
  6. Caramella 1/2011 at 5 months old
  7. Caramella 1/2011 5 months old. What a sweetheart she is. I ruffed her fur like this to show how long some of it actually is.
  8. Such a sweetheart,a velcro kitty that can be SO demanding of her human Mommy. Begs for kisses and gives kisses all day long. At this age she is into...
  9. Amy
  10. Amy, my CH baby with her CH stance.
  11. HPIM3184
  12. My  clingy, beautiful Samantha
  13. Samantha, the most affectionate girl I have.
  14. Beautiful Samantha
  15. Boo seeing it was time for me to go back to work
  16. Kitty Boo
  17. Boo cleaning herself
  18. Rie (my skin daughter) with Boo
  19. Giz with her beautifully marked face
  20. Giz showing you her beautiful tummy... ALL scritches welcomed.
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