My Boys

These are my boys in all their glory
  1. Smile for the camera
  2. Whoa - Did you see that?
  3. Max on his throne. 
It's lonely being the king.
  4. Football
  5. Basketball
  6. Blue is trying to Ref
  7. Max gets a little help with guard duty
  8. Our big brother Barney, gone last year at 17. We miss him.
  9. This is where Blue goes when we get to be too much of a pain
  10. Max is ever the guard dog
  11. Rudy gets sad that no one wants to play basketball
  12. Our sister blue. We think she's pretty!
  13. Max is bored
  14. Loki Loves Football!!
  15. Big Mouth Max - Baby Picture
  16. Jokester Loki - Baby Picture
  17. Sweet Rudy - Baby Picture
  18. Rudy just beig Rudy
  19. Max and Loki sharing a secret
  20. Big Man Loki - Paying close attention
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