Conhitaroja pets

pics taken by my cell phone
  1. Ryo resting 
surveying her domain
  2. Boogie tat 
my daughter's latest tattoo 
of her dog
  3. Buddy 2 
Sweetpea's newest kitten, Buddy
  4. Guerrero
  5. Peaches n Cream 
My mom's kitty
  6. lounging booboo 
sacking out on the sheetless mattress 
he can sleep ANYWHERE
  7. G under covers: 
Guerrero loves to be warm
  8. napping G 
anyplace soft
  9. Ryo... 
I'm queen of the house... obey me!
  10. Pretty Ryo ~ This is my latest adoptee, she's 9 yrs old & very very affectionate to me, but isn't getting along with the other pets ... hope this...
  11. ChiChi2 ... 13 years old & still going strong, ChiChi loves to be loved & loves to be brushed & is still a good mouser :)
  12. my ball... Guerrero is ALWAYS ready to play.  He doesn't need to be asked twice, & even knows his toys by name
  13. boog n len... "boog", short for "booger" (what we call Guerrero when he's being either silly or naughty ~ or both) being silly as usual & getting a...
  14. Guerrero; happy, inquisitive & a velcro dog for sure
  15. ChiChi; the sweetest most loving kitty I've ever been owned by
  16. Carrie n BooBoo... My daughter & HER dog
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