Koji was basically being neglected by my neighbors when I realized his neediness had become extreme. He was unneutered, out all of the time and in the below-freezing temperatures, begging for food, attention and affection. A few times, I tried to tell them how to care for their pets, but... I won't go into all that unless you want to know. Anyway, he's alive, protected, gets lots of loving attention and is not ignored. Koji is happy, healthy, affectionate, and loves people. He was playful and good with C.B., he gets along well with Miette when they're not play-fighting, and he has a loving relationship with tortie sisters Cami and Tyli who are very sweet to him and Miette even more than they are to each other.
  1. Koji on a kitchen chair
  2. Koji in "Cat in the Bag" bag
  3. Koji at the vet, January 2016
  4. Koji with glowing eyes
  5. Koji on me
  6. Koji in Kitchen
  7. Cami sleeping on Koji
  8. Koji grooming Cami
  9. Koji, around the time I brought him in.
  10. Yes, Koji has put on pounds since I had him neutered.  He doesn't seem to overeat and he gets exercise chasing and wrestling with Miette.
  11. Koji, grooming himself at the window
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