Multiple Cats of Mine

Many of these pictures you see elsewhere in these albums. Cats together, and also some cat collages I did. I say, "of mine" because I'm considering adding an album of pictures of cats who are not mine. In any event, I plan to add photos to all of these albums from time to time; they are definitely not complete.
  1. Chloe & Cato in 2002
  2. CB & Serena, years ago
  3. Koji Grooming C.B.
  4. Koji & Miette, Touching Paws in 2009
  5. Collage for vet when she retired.  In the collage, I left a space for signatures.  For this online album, I've smudged out names.    Three cats at...
  6. This was a recent & quick collage I sent to someone as one jpeg instead of having to send many attachments.  Top to bottom and left to right: ...
  7. Miette & C.B.
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