various kitties
  1. Janni...our girl. She is a Maine Coon Mix, has the personalitya nd some markings, but too small to be pedigree.  We rescued her from a shelter in...
  2. The is our precious Trey..who died in 2006...she was part Norwegian Forest Cat and she shared our lives for almost 17 years.  We have two others we...
  3. Two of our kitties at Christmas time under the tree in 2002 or 2003.   The one on the right was our Maine Coon Cat who belonged to our son.  She was...
  4. Dewey: the Small Town Library Cat who touched the World.  My favorite book about cats. It is soon to be a movie.
  5. threeowlsandcat
  6. mistletoe kitties
  7. It's a picture of a poster and book cover.
  8. Cat in rain
  9. catrun
  10. scratch
  11. Oh, oh, caught in the act.  :D
  12. kitty walk
  13. kittyandboyinwindow
  14. laundrycat
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