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Morgan the Comet Goldfish, the Pet of the Day
Name: Morgan
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Comet Goldfish
Home: Lincolnshire, England, UK
   Morgan was just a tiny baby when I first had him, along with another fish named Silver. It was the first time that I had kept fish, which makes him very special to me. They both just grew and grew! The large tank that he lives in now was the third new tank that I bought for them.

       Morgan, a orange comet fish with a long, flowing, white tail is five years old now. Sadly we lost Silver and Morgan will not accept a new partner to live permanently in his tank although he occasionally accepts visits from his friend, my Black Moor, Othello, also a large fish but only just over a year old and very lively. Sedate, graceful Morgan finds him too much after a while so we have to separate them.

       I originally themed the tank on a pirate scene, hence Captain Morgan and long John Silver. At first they slept together in the pirate ship model but when Morgan grew too big and found himself trapped inside it so that he had to be rescued, I took it out, leaving the treasure chest.

       The two would chase each other around and seemed to become unaware of dangers, bumping into things until Morgan caught himself on the treasure chest and scratched off some scales so I removed that as well. Afterwards I checked everything over and was shocked by the number of sharp edges I found, even plastic plants had dangers! Now I had a perfectly safe tank but soon had to change it to accommodate the rapidly growing occupants.

       In the new tank I avoided models and plastic plants giving them only real growing plants and avoiding plants that they tear apart and eat. Java fern proved to be best and Morgan loves it. A favourite game is to uproot it and chase it around the top of the tank. The second tank was long but after a while proved too narrow so I saved up and bought the very large tank I have now, which proved perfect.

       Now he is five Morgan has become quite a sedate older gentleman. He still has his mad moments when he will chase around the tank, stirring up the gravel then catching any food he has missed. When Othello visits they chase each other around but we have to watch carefully for signs of Morgan growing tired.

       I love Morgan dearly, he is so very friendly. When fed he will first come to the front of the tank to check on what is happening, then swim to the top when the food is put in. He will take food from my fingers, and then chase the rest as it goes down. He seems to enjoy water changes immensely, coming to touch my hand as I pump up waste from the gravel. His best moment is when I pour in the fresh water. I do this from a height so that he can chase through the bubbles. The sedate, graceful Morgan still enjoys life and seeks fun.

Here are some videos of him, Othello x Morgan, Morgan and Silver and Little Morgan and Silver when they were babies.

Morgan the Comet Goldfish, the Pet of the Day Morgan the Comet Goldfish, the Pet of the Day Morgan the Comet Goldfish, the Pet of the Day Morgan the Comet Goldfish, the Pet of the Day

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