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Nugget, the Pet of the Day
Name: Nugget
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Bantam Hen
Home: Antwerp, Belgium
   Nugget is a crazy chicken, she is a very intelligent and funny chicken. She is almost 20 centimeters (7.8 inches) tall and lays no eggs. She lives in our tortoise pen. Often wild birds come into the enclosure and then steal her food. Nugget tries to drive them away, but the little birds keep coming back. Then Nugget gets upset and can be quite loud! She also pecks at my fingers, but chickens are just that way and Nugget is still very dear.

    She lives in our tortoise pen, as I mentioned, and even thinks she's a tortoise. She eats salad, dandelions, and anything else that tortoise eats, too. Last summer, she ran even with a tomato in her mouth through the garden. That was funny, she looked like a clown. Chickens are crazy, but that's okay.

    Nugget is not particularly affectionate, but in the photo she is sitting on my hand. She likes to perch on my hand, my shoulder, yes, even on my head! And she actually does eat grains like she is supposed to, but if we give the tortoise salad, she eats with him. Finally, she is also a tortoise, she believes. Even though she gets her own food, she eats the tortoise way and everything. She is silly and really dear to me.

Nugget, the Pet of the Day
Nugget, the Pet of the Day

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