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Toothless, the Pet of the Day
Name: Toothless
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Bearded Dragon
Home: Fort Worth, Texas, USA
   He's the best little boy I could ever have hoped for! This is him wearing his "Bill Cosby" sweater, I found it at PetSmart, that's actually for a ferret, that fits him! It was a bit big so after I got him home I adjusted it better to him, and he actually likes it!

    He's my first reptile, I adopted him from PetSmart almost a year (Feb. 22nd) and he was sick. He had been abused by the other dragons and almost died. I had worked at the store and took him home, already having been planning to get him, buying everything I could for him. He slept on me every night for the first month and he got healthy again. He's a Momma's boy and he knows it! His name is Toothless, because I named him after the dragon from the "How To Train Your Dragon" movie!

    He loves my fiance and doesn't know we are going to be more of a family in April since we are getting married! He's great with children and anyone who wants to say hi! He loves kisses on his nose from Momma and loves his picture to be taken! In his other picture, he is dressed as Abraham Lincoln, our 16th President! I've fallen head over heels for this little guy and so have many others after meeting him.

Toothless, the Pet of the Day
Toothless, the Pet of the Day

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