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Betty, Barney, the Pet of the Day
Name: Betty, Barney
Age: Three, Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Lop lionhead and Lop rabbits
Home: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
   Betty is a sweet little girl with a big attitude, adopted from Buddies Bunny Rescue as a companion for my boy Barney, also a rescue from an unwanted 'free to good home' advert. They are inseparable and very much in love, two spoilt free-range house Buns who always bring a smile to my face with their pesky antics.

    Barney was around six months old when I saw his advert on Gumtree (as usual, the child had grew bored so he was free to good home) I couldn't resist! So he's been with me for over three years now, he's a happy, laid back boy, very cheeky and independent, he loves kisses and snuggles and also my cats who he will happily snuggle with and chase around, his only 'bad point' is that he turns into a 'snapping turtle' come feeding time of his morning/evening greens and nuggets, but really very sweet and affectionate.

    Betty (formally Toyah) was adopted from Buddies Bunny Rescue about a year later as I had come to learn that Rabbits thrive with a companion of their own. She was around one year old at the time and now been with us for just over two years. She is tiny! She is a happy, confident and feisty wee girl but not as snuggly as Barney, although she will give you the odd nose nudge, she generally prefers his company to that of mine, unless of course it's feeding time! She is definitely the boss in this couple. They are pretty much stuck together like glue, Barney gets anxious should I ever have to take Betty away for routine grooming and vice versa, they always look out for each other. They also live under my bed! lol It's a divan base which I cut holes in the fabric then put in an old rug and some throws, they are very much happy in their 'warren', often very funny to see the wee heads popping out in the hope of some Noms when I pass.

    I have other house buns, Ivy and Monkey (again both from Buddies) who live in the living room. My four bunnies can see each other and are separated by a 'bunny gate' in the hall. Betty and Ivy have the odd grump and growl at each other through the mesh, the boys, however, don't seem to bother!

Betty, Barney, the Pet of the Day
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Betty, Barney, the Pet of the Day
Betty, Barney, the Pet of the Day
Betty, Barney, the Pet of the Day

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