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Johnny Depp, the Pet of the Day
Name: Johnny Depp
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Appaloosa horse
Home: Minnesota, USA
   Johnny Depp is my 15.2 hh (5'2", 157 cm) chestnut leopard Appaloosa. We think he might have some Quarter Horse in him too. When I first got him, he was scared at everything he saw, would not let me catch him and was antsy whenever I groomed him or saddled him. Because he was a horse from the sale barn, he got sick two weeks later. He spent a while in quarantine until I finally got the chance to work with him. It seemed as though it was a miracle, because he came right up to me the first day in the pen and I got the halter on him easily.

    I am an English rider and I mainly hunter jump and Johnny loves it! I have jumped him 2 1/2 feet (76 cm), although he is capable of more. I love riding him bareback and he loves to run! He is the type of up-in-your-face horse and licks everything! He pretty much doesn't care what I do with him. i can sit on his butt, ride backwards, stand on him and he doesn't care! He is great with kids and dogs. In the winter he certainly is a fluffy beast and in the summer his coat gets even more freckles! I don't know what I would do without this guy!

Johnny Depp, the Pet of the Day
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Johnny Depp, the Pet of the Day
Johnny Depp, the Pet of the Day

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