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Muta, the Pet of the Day
Name: Muta
Age: Deceased, Seven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Kakariki (Yellow-Crowned)
Home: South Australia, Australia
   Muta was my special boy, my first Kakariki. And so incredibly cheeky! Kakarikis are a parrot native to New Zealand that can live up to twenty years, and Muta's type (Yellow-Crowned black eyed clear/BEC) are becoming increasingly rare, which made him even more special. In fact, just the normal (green) Yellow-Crowned Kakarikis are now officially rare. I bonded to him like I've never bonded with any other bird or human in fact. I was closer to my Muta than I was with my husband or even my own children. That's how special he was and always will be. He was like my own first son.

    I bought him from my favourite breeder when he was only three weeks old, and hand-raised him. His cage door was always open, so he lived out with us and was involved in just about everything we did 24/7 (apart from when he slept in his cage at night). He would rest his beak on the corner of my mouth whenever I was drinking fruit juice so that he always got a bit, so I just held the mug out for him and he'd dip his whole body into the cup to drink. Also, whenever he heard a plate hw would come running and take part in our breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. Usually sitting at the edge of the plate awaiting me to move a tiny portion of my food over to his side.. It became a daily routine.

    Muta absolutely loved having baths, even in the freezing winters. He would often hang upside down from my fingers so I could swing him around. My husband and I often referred to him as Mutas Moronus, due to him sticking his head through a gap in his cage, and thrusting his body backwards and forwards ... like somehow that would bend the wire to allow him to escape, which he did every time we locked him in to make him eat his food.

    If anyone, anyone did anything Muta didn't like, or didn't do what he wanted, (for example if his mate Misa didn't 'go down') I got the brunt of it and he would give me the evil eye, then proceed to viciously attack me (usually my feet). But whenever someone cooperated, he would run to me and give me kisses and cuddles as if to say, "I love you Mummy!" Such a cheeky boy! Which is how he earned the title, 'The Lightning Assassin.'

    He came along with us in his pretty hot-pink harness (which I think embarrassed him) when we went out for our weekly Sunday lunch (fish and chips) at the Park. He loved watching out the window of the car and talking to us as if to say "Oh wow! Look at that!!! What is it? Can I touch it?"

    He was never very cuddly, in fact he hated cuddles! But whenever I got sick or was feeling incredibly upset, Muta would snuggle up against my neck and sometimes under my chin. And he would not move unless I picked him up and moved him myself. He was extremely perceptive of my feelings and acted upon it. Aside from me, his best friend was a Jenday Conure I rescued named Kioko.

    Muta died December 3rd 2012 at the very young age of seven months. He passed away from a burst cyst in his brain, causing brain damage. I never knew a bird so small could go through so much pain. He looked fluffy in his cage, and wouldn't respond to anything, so we rushed him to the Vets. On the way he started having severe seizures and spasms and the poor boy would just stare at me in a "Help me!!" type way. We got there and he had to be put down, so I spent five minutes saying my goodbyes, and he had another even worse seizure. His poor, poor eyes ... they said so much. So I almost begged for the Vet to just hurry up and put him down. I couldn't bear to see my precious Muta going through all that. I said one last goodbye, and the Vet carried him out of the room, but the instant I was no longer in Muta's sight, he died. My precious boy hung on for me.

    The whole house and my small family just aren't the same without him. We miss him terribly. I don't think we'll ever be quite the same again. He left a spot in us that only he can fill. We love you Mr Muta, and no one can ever replace you!

Muta, the Pet of the Day
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Muta, the Pet of the Day
Muta, the Pet of the Day

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