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Mocha, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mocha
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: Longueuil, Quebec, Canada
   My baby Mocha was born with a fur texture that left me puzzled. It was thicker than the other chinchillas I owned, choppy and slightly curly. I shrugged it off for the first few months, assuming his fur would grow in normal as he aged. When it didn't, I asked breeders what was going on and what I can do, only to find out that there was a possibility of him being a curly chinchilla and possibly the first one born in Canada. This isn't confirmed of course but it put me at ease of course, knowing that nothing was wrong with him! And I felt a sense of pride. He was already special to me and now he felt even more special!

    Whether or not he's a confirmed curly doesn't bother me. I love him and he's a wonderful little guy. He's quiet and relaxed, and loved scratches behind the ears. I couldn't have asked for a better chinchilla.

    Mocha is a very independent boy. When out to play, he rather just run around and play. He loves his friend Nova the cat. He likes to scare her by jumping on her. He's usually calm but when he's ready to play, he plays! When calm down, he lets Nova bathe him. He loves dusts baths. He doesn't even have to see it, just the sent makes him roll around! His favorite toy is his chew log. He can spend hours just laying in it and chewing on it. I usually find him sleeping in it too. He enjoys a raisin here and there but his favorite snack is definitely hay.

    He lives with his daddy and brother so he has friends to play with when he wants to burn energy. His dad's name is Eis(Ice) and his brother's name is Latte. His mother's name is Cream. I named all my chinchillas after coffee shop things (sisters were Sugar and Hazel)!

Mocha, the Pet of the Day
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Mocha, the Pet of the Day
Mocha, the Pet of the Day
Mocha, the Pet of the Day
Mocha, the Pet of the Day
Mocha, the Pet of the Day

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