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Chilli, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chilli
Age: Seventeen months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Galah Cockatoo
Home: Oregon, USA
   Chili is a seventeen-month-old Galah Cockatoo; a species which originate from Australia, and are also called Rose-Breasted Cockatoos. She has been with us for a year now, and it is just like having another toddler in the house - her specialties are making messes, plotting the remote controller's demise, and making sure she's included in whatever her "flock" is doing. She has also been known to dive head-fiirst into sneakers left around the floor, goodness knows why!

    Her favorite foods are sugar snap pea pods and blackberries; of which the latter makes her look like she was involved in a berry-massacre. Her favorite activities are snuggling, throwing her toys all over the place, and did I mention making messes?

    Chili is special to us because no matter what is going on in our busy lives, she always makes sure to put smiles on our faces with her antics. It is such a joy to have her as part of our family, and she enjoys the company of strangers as well - as long as they hand out free scritches.

    Chili has become an inspiration to me; she has taught me to think outside of the box, encouraged me to be creative, and spurred aspirations of one day creating enrichment tools (toys) and accessories for other parrots out there. She finds the simplest things to be the best toys; a crochet hook stolen from my hands, a baby spoon used as a dumbbell so she can "workout," or my son's pacifier that turns out to be a worthy adversary.

    She seems to warm the hearts of whomever she meets; it's either the soft pink fluffiness, or her schmoozing for snuggles from anyone that might give them to her. Even though she keeps a safe distant from our toddler, she has created a love for birds in him that is clear. He tries to give her treats, and even tries to play with the wild birds - but despite them always flying away, he continues to love them.

    Chili is an amazing part of our family; she is more than a pet, she is our little girl.

    View more of Chili on her Facebook, ChilitheToo including her videos.

Chilli, the Pet of the Day
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Chilli, the Pet of the Day
Chilli, the Pet of the Day

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