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Patch, the Pet of the Day
Name: Patch
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Sheltie Guinea Pig
Home: Lincolnshire, England
   Patch came to live with us last spring, bringing with him his wife, Bailey. The pair had lived together in two previous homes and spent a holiday with us last year. There is no way they will ever be separated and share a cage now. Patch is a handsome fellow and is very fond of the ladies. Since coming to us he lives with four female guinea pigs, including Bailey. Dolly is the eldest and shares her cage with Peppa.

    They will soon be joined by our latest addition Pipkin, a six week old baby. She adores Patch and follows him everywhere when the guinea pigs socialize. He is gentle with her, more so than the females. He fathered four babies with Bailey before coming to live with us. His previous owner took him to a vet to ensure that he could live safely with females. He still chases our ladies, first approaching them with slow swaggering steps while making soft rumbling sounds from deep in his throat. When they turn their backs on him and run away, he will give chase.

    Bailey shows signs of jealousy when this happens and will stand between him and the other females, giving him a nip if he tries to get past her. He is very gentle and never retaliates, other than raising his head to show his dominance. He has established himself as leader of the herd and all four females seem to understand that. When they have their inevitable disputes, usually about food or which is dominant female, Patch will run across to sort them out, usually by standing between them. Patch is beyond doubt a real character and a very lovable one. In his five months with us he has become an essential member of the family.

Patch, the Pet of the Day
Patch, the Pet of the Day

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