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Bulldozer, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bulldozer
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Sulcata Tortoise
Home: California, USA
   Bulldozer is a two-year-old Sulcata Tortoise. He may be little right now but when he is full grown he will be over 150 pounds ... then he will be a true bulldozer.

    I bought Bulldozer and his sister Puzzles (who is no longer with us, God rest her soul) when they were just a week old from a reptile store. For the first year of his life he lived inside a glass terrarium but now he lives in a big tub outside. He doesn't need a UV bulb since he gets natural sun but he loves his heat bulb. Bulldozer spends his time in his cage digging in the sand, eating his pellets, and soaking in his water dish. I made a special pen which I call a turnout and I put him outside when the weather is nice. In his turnout he can really stretch out those cute little legs and run to his heart's content... okay maybe not run but you get the idea.

    Out in his turnout I like to feed him all sorts of yummy things. He eats all kinds of fruits and vegetables, though he only gets fruit once a week because it's high in sugar. Bulldozer also eats different kinds of plants such as Hibiscus leaves, rose petals, California Poppies (don't tell anyone; you're not supposed to pick them but I figure it's for a good cause), clover, and Dandelions.

    When Bulldozer hears me coming he starts walking towards me because he knows he is going to either get a treat or some one on one attention. Bulldozer is a great little tortoise and I can't wait until he's all grown up!

Bulldozer, the Pet of the Day
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Bulldozer, the Pet of the Day
Bulldozer, the Pet of the Day
Bulldozer, the Pet of the Day

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