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Prince, the Pet of the Day
Name: Prince
Age: Four months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Chinchilla Netherland Dwarf
Home: Suffolk, England
   Prince is a calm and kind bunny with very soft fur, he enjoys rabbit treats and will eat them from my hand. He's more timid than his hyperactive friend, Blanco! I bought him from a breeder who originally thought he was a girl, they had asked me if I still wanted him and I couldn't pass up the cute little thing! I chose Prince's colour specifically as he matched an old rabbit that passed away years ago, as does his white bunny friend who resembles another rabbit. Originally, Prince was an indoors rabbit, but once he was put in my room with Blanco (divided by a playpen due to not being neutered) Blanco just wouldn't leave his side and was always excited to be near Prince, which meant that both of their litter box training seemed impossible! So now they're outdoor bunnies and can make as much mess as they like! He is a happy bunny and I love him!

    I saw him on a website as I was originally looking for a blue buck, but I saw him and he looked really cute and my heart sank! It was difficult deciding between him and his brother, I'm glad I chose Prince though! In about a month or so I will get him neutered.

    Prince has his name because I couldn't think of what to call him! Because I expected him to be a girl I had a feminine name ready, but when I found out he was a boy my mind went blank so I chose the first thing that came to my head until I decided on an official name. But now that he's older and bigger and more handsome than cute (although, he is still very cute) I decided that Prince suits him well and it's now his official, permanent name.

Prince, the Pet of the Day

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