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Orange, the Pet of the Day
Name: Orange
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Cockatiel
Home: Western Michigan, USA
   Orange's attitude is that he loves our dogs and whistles all day. He is actually my first bird. I received him as a birthday gift when I was very young. Gosh, I want to say I've had him for over ten years, but I don't know how old he actually is! I named him Orange because of his little orange cheeks. Orange does not know any tricks. But he will "talk" back with you. We whistle to him, he listens carefully and then will whistle back. Or if we talk with him, he'll give little chirps back and then listen for you again. When we take him out he loves to be on the highest perch he can find. He's a funny one. He'll fly up onto bookshelves, fire mantles and curtain rods. But he's also very sweet. If you find his sweet spot (behind his orange cheeks) to rub/scratch he'll slowly tilt his head down. And when you stop he'll give this little soft chirp for more loving!

Orange, the Pet of the Day

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