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Zoey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Zoey
Age: A few weeks old
Gender: Female
Kind: Pearl Cockatiel
Home: Nebraska, USA
   This is Zoey, and she is just a few weeks old. What make Zoey special is she picked me to be her new mommy, and she is so sweet and cute. I'm hand feeding her and she always gets so excited when she sees me with her formula that she runs to the front of the cafe door and starts her baby cries. When eating she gets her wings a-flapping and will get so excited, she tips over a few times. It's so cute! After eating and getting cleaned up she likes to take a nap in my lap.

    I got her from her breeder, who is a great person. The only reason they let me take her to finish hand feeding her is cause they knows I knew how to hand-feed a baby bird. Usually they would not let anyone else do that. Stormy, our other Cockatiel, likes to sit on my shoulder and watch me feed her. Stormy also will sit on top of her cage and watch her sleep. Zoey is part of our family already, and getting very spoiled! We wouldn't have it any other way!

Zoey, the Pet of the Day
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Zoey, the Pet of the Day
Zoey, the Pet of the Day

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