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Star the Budgie Star
New Jersey, USA
October 01, 2007

Smooch the Guinea Pig Smooch
Guinea Pig
New York, USA
October 02, 2007

Munchkin the Dwarf Hamster Munchkin
Dwarf Hamster
Maryland, USA
October 03, 2007

Sparticus the Cockatiel Sparticus
Wisconsin, USA
October 04, 2007

Blackie the Black European Hamster Blackie
Black European Hamster
Flushing, New York, USA
October 05, 2007

Apollo the Quarter Horse Apollo
Quarter Horse
Two Rivers, Wisconsin, USA
October 06, 2007

Bentley the Australian Budgie Bentley
Australian Budgie
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
October 07, 2007

Lilly the Guinea Pig Lilly
Guinea Pig
Illinois, USA
October 08, 2007

Nibbles the Dwarf Rabbit Nibbles
Dwarf Rabbit
Illinois, USA
October 09, 2007

Peach the Peach Conure Peach
Peach Conure
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
October 10, 2007

Waffle the Fancy hooded rat Waffle
Fancy hooded rat
Felton, California, USA
October 11, 2007

Peanut the Dwarf Hamster Peanut
Dwarf Hamster
Minnesota, USA
October 12, 2007

Samantha the Red tailed Boa Samantha
Red tailed Boa
Sinnemahoning, Pennsylvania, USA
October 13, 2007

Snowy the Syrian Hamster Snowy
Syrian Hamster
Lichfield, UK
October 14, 2007

Katiebug the Ferret Katiebug
Easton, Maryland, USA
October 15, 2007

Leonidas the Guinea Pig Leonidas
Guinea Pig
Batavia, Illinois, USA
October 16, 2007

Thumper the Dwarf Rabbit Thumper
Dwarf Rabbit
Riverside, California, USA
October 17, 2007

Holly the Quaker parrot Holly
Quaker parrot
Riverside, California, USA
October 18, 2007

Kirby the Chinchilla Kirby
Pulaski, New York, USA
October 19, 2007

Ralphe the Arabian, Welsh Pony Ralphe
Arabian, Welsh Pony
Johns Island, South Carolina, USA
October 20, 2007

Stanley the Guinea Pig Stanley
Guinea Pig
Wasilla, Alaska, USA
October 21, 2007

Lilly the Mini Rex Rabbit Lilly
Mini Rex Rabbit
Sandpoint, Idaho, USA
October 22, 2007

Chino the Syrian Hamster Chino
Syrian Hamster
Wiltshire, UK
October 23, 2007

Rowena the Gerbil Rowena
Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
October 24, 2007

Pickles the Red eared Slider Pickles
Red eared Slider
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
October 25, 2007

Sinbad the Pygora Goat Sinbad
Pygora Goat
Olalla, Washington, USA
October 26, 2007

Ruby the Teddy Bear Hamster Ruby
Teddy Bear Hamster
October 27, 2007

Fudge the Rabbit Fudge
Rochdale, Lancashire, England
October 28, 2007

Hunter the Leopard Gecko Hunter
Leopard Gecko
London, Ontario, Canada
October 29, 2007

Taku the Senegal Parrot Taku
Senegal Parrot
Willis, Virginia, USA
October 30, 2007

Lucky the Guinea Pig Lucky
Guinea Pig
Ft. Irwin, California, USA
October 31, 2007

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