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Tabitha the Canadian Spot Gerbil Tabitha
Canadian Spot Gerbil
Newbury, Berkshire, UK
November 01, 2007

Koo Koo the Milligold Macaw Koo Koo
Milligold Macaw
Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, USA
November 02, 2007

Loui the Lion Headed Rabbit Loui
Lion Headed Rabbit
Tennessee, USA
November 03, 2007

Molly the Guinea Pig Molly
Guinea Pig
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
November 04, 2007

Fiona the Green Cheeked Conure Fiona
Green Cheeked Conure
Tasmania, Australia
November 05, 2007

Charlie the Syrian Hamster Charlie
Syrian Hamster
November 06, 2007

Pee Wee the Cheeked Conure Pee Wee
Cheeked Conure
Kirtland, Ohio, USA
November 07, 2007

Jackson the Abyssinian Guinea Pig Jackson
Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Valley Village, California, USA
November 08, 2007

Nyushi the Guinea Pig Nyushi
Guinea Pig
London, UK
November 09, 2007

Ebony the Rabbit Ebony
Bradford, New York, USA
November 10, 2007

Chewbacca the Chinchilla Chewbacca
November 11, 2007

Zizi the Lovebird Zizi
Woodbridge, Virginia, USA
November 12, 2007

Buddy the Guinea Pig Buddy
Guinea Pig
Michigan, USA
November 13, 2007

Fred the Chinese Hamster Fred
Chinese Hamster
Cornwall, UK
November 14, 2007

Buddy the Red Sided Eclectus Buddy
Red Sided Eclectus
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
November 15, 2007

Dicky the Parakeet Dicky
November 16, 2007

Brooks the Red Eared Slider Brooks
Red Eared Slider
Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
November 17, 2007

Coco the Guinea Pig Coco
Guinea Pig
Tennessee, USA
November 18, 2007

Fergie the Black Bear Hamster Fergie
Black Bear Hamster
November 19, 2007

Teddy the Guinea Pig Teddy
Guinea Pig
Mahopac, New York, USA
November 20, 2007

Bridget the Dwarf Lop Bridget
Dwarf Lop
Lincolnshire, UK
November 21, 2007

Foosa the Ferret Foosa
Lubbock, Texas, USA
November 22, 2007

Ace the Paint Horse Ace
Paint Horse
New York, USA
November 23, 2007

Elvis the Cockatiel Elvis
Newnan, Georgia, USA
November 24, 2007

Gundul the Russian Dwarf Hamster Gundul
Russian Dwarf Hamster
Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia
November 25, 2007

Snowy the Budgie Snowy
Luton, England
November 26, 2007

Roka the Eastern River Cooter Roka
Eastern River Cooter
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
November 27, 2007

Ziggy the Abyssinian Guinea Pig Ziggy
Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Southern Pines, North Carolina, USA
November 28, 2007

Maxi the Grey Cockatiel Maxi
Grey Cockatiel
Joliet, Illinois, USA
November 29, 2007

Miley the Syrian Hamster Miley
Syrian Hamster
Gladstone, Oregon, USA
November 30, 2007

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