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Jake the Jenday Conure Jake
Jenday Conure
Adamsville, Alabama, USA
June 01, 2007

Jimbob the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Jimbob
Netherland Dwarf Rabbit
Moray, Scotland
June 02, 2007

Kirsten the Guinea Pig Kirsten
Guinea Pig
Kansas, USA
June 03, 2007

Ashley the Hooded Rat Ashley
Hooded Rat
Paris, Texas, USA
June 04, 2007

Jewl the Alexandrian Parakeet Jewl
Alexandrian Parakeet
June 05, 2007

Shayla the Leopard Appaloosa, Pony Shayla
Leopard Appaloosa, Pony
Idaho, USA
June 06, 2007

Scooter the Ferret Scooter
June 07, 2007

Finlay the Guinea Pig Finlay
Guinea Pig
San Diego, California, USA
June 08, 2007

Sakir the African Grey Parrot Sakir
African Grey Parrot
Wendlingen, Germany
June 09, 2007

Dunya the Himalayan Guinea pig Dunya
Himalayan Guinea pig
Rijswijk, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands
June 10, 2007

Harold the Pot Belly Pig Harold
Pot Belly Pig
Arizona, USA
June 11, 2007

Charlie the Alexandrine Parrot Charlie
Alexandrine Parrot
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
June 12, 2007

Spice the Hairless rat Spice
Hairless rat
Alabama, USA
June 13, 2007

Bean the Dwarf Rabbit Bean
Dwarf Rabbit
Southend on Sea, Essex, England
June 14, 2007

Mr. Sticky Fingers the Veiled Chameleon Mr. Sticky Fingers
Veiled Chameleon
Ontario, Canada
June 15, 2007

Lizzy the Cockatiel Lizzy
Ruidoso, New Mexico, USA
June 16, 2007

Nuna the Netherland Dwarf Bunny Nuna
Netherland Dwarf Bunny
June 17, 2007

Wee Bit the White Bellied Caique Wee Bit
White Bellied Caique
Stuart, Florida, USA
June 18, 2007

Rasta Bubs the New Zealand Rabbit Rasta Bubs
New Zealand Rabbit
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
June 19, 2007

Panic! at the disco the Dumbo Rat Panic! at the disco
Dumbo Rat
Meriden, Connecticut, USA
June 20, 2007

Maximillian the Timneh African grey Maximillian
Timneh African grey
Michigan, USA
June 21, 2007

Belle the Miniature Horse Belle
Miniature Horse
Alta Loma, California, USA
June 22, 2007

Mudd E. Turtle the Red Ear Slider Mudd E. Turtle
Red Ear Slider
Houston, Texas, USA
June 23, 2007

Pippin the Dutch Guinea Pig Pippin
Dutch Guinea Pig
Charleston, South Carolina, USA
June 24, 2007

Dewey the Black tail prairie dog Dewey
Black tail prairie dog
Brescia, Italy
June 25, 2007

Honey Bear the Honey Bear Hamster Honey Bear
Honey Bear Hamster
Waverly, Pennsylvania, USA
June 26, 2007

Scarlett the Abyssinan Guinea pig Scarlett
Abyssinan Guinea pig
Austin, Texas, USA
June 27, 2007

Clintin the Dutch Dwarf Rabbit Clintin
Dutch Dwarf Rabbit
Maine, USA
June 28, 2007

Birdie the Whitefaced Cocktail Birdie
Whitefaced Cocktail
Arizona, USA
June 29, 2007

Arty the Rat Arty
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
June 30, 2007

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