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Hermione the Pacific Green Split Hermione
Pacific Green Split
Michigan, USA
June 01, 2006

Harry the Lop Rabbit Harry
Lop Rabbit
England, UK
June 02, 2006

Hershey the Russian Dwarf Hamster Hershey
Russian Dwarf Hamster
Bradford, New York, USA
June 03, 2006

Nanny the Nubian Goat Nanny
Nubian Goat
Orange County, New York, USA
June 04, 2006

Mr. Bird the Parakeet Mr. Bird
Honolulu, Hawaii
June 05, 2006

Bandit the Sable Ferret Bandit
Sable Ferret
Greenville, North Carolina, USA
June 06, 2006

Riot the Holland Lop Rabbit Riot
Holland Lop Rabbit
Chico, California, USA
June 07, 2006

Buddy the Spangled Harlequin Buddy
Spangled Harlequin
Port Elliot, South Australia
June 08, 2006

Oreo the Guinea Pig Oreo
Guinea Pig
Columbus, Indiana, USA
June 09, 2006

Coda the Gelding Coda
Mount Hope, Ontario, Canada
June 10, 2006

Gabriella the Sebastopol Goose Gabriella
Sebastopol Goose
Bonifay, Florida, USA
June 11, 2006

Coby the Mini Lop Rabbit Coby
Mini Lop Rabbit
Calgary, Canada
June 12, 2006

Tami the Teddy Bear Hamster Tami
Teddy Bear Hamster
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
June 13, 2006

Geoffrey, Pixie the Pacific Parrotlets Geoffrey, Pixie
Pacific Parrotlets
State College, Pennsylvania, USA
June 14, 2006

Auzziah the Arabian Horse Auzziah
Arabian Horse
Reno, Nevada, USA
June 15, 2006

Liam the Abyssinian Liam
Winona, Minnesota, USA
June 16, 2006

Frances the Hooded Dumbo Rat Frances
Hooded Dumbo Rat
Underhill, Vermont, USA
June 17, 2006

Carlos the Abyssinian Carlos
Prescott, Arkansas, USA
June 18, 2006

Avo the Lutino Cockatiel Avo
Lutino Cockatiel
San Diego, California, USA
June 19, 2006

Basil, Manuel the Gerbils Basil, Manuel
Weston-super-Mare, England
June 20, 2006

Casey the Abbyruvian Casey
Texas, USA
June 21, 2006

Nibbles the Rabbit Nibbles
June 22, 2006

Baby Frankie the Peruvian Baby Frankie
Telford, UK
June 23, 2006

Spike the Cockatiel Spike
Beloit, Wisconsin, USA
June 24, 2006

Levi the Teddy Bear Hamster Levi
Teddy Bear Hamster
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
June 25, 2006

Sweetie the Pacific Parrotlet Sweetie
Pacific Parrotlet
Aliso Viejo, California, USA
June 26, 2006

Charlie the Grey Chinchilla Charlie
Grey Chinchilla
Mid Wales, UK
June 27, 2006

Dude the Miniature Horse Dude
Miniature Horse
Olympia, Washington, USA
June 28, 2006

Lucy the Guinea Pig Lucy
Guinea Pig
California, USA
June 29, 2006

Tralaliszka the Dwarf Hamster Tralaliszka
Dwarf Hamster
Warsaw, Poland
June 30, 2006

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