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December 18, 2006

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Jesse, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jesse
Age: Ten weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: Dutch Dwarf Rabbit
Home: Ottawa, Canada
   Hi, my name is Jesse and this picture was taken on my first ever adventure in the yard in September. I got to wear a stylish leash and harness, and I made my two indoor cat siblings really jealous by my getting to go outside. I'm bigger now, but my harness still fits!

    I share my house with a fifteen-pound English Lop bunny who I sometimes snuggle up to and pretend is my mom. I recently lifted up the heating grate in the kitchen and went for a walk through the pipes in the basement. My human mom was really upset and she even called 911!!! No worries, though because I decided to head back to the kitchen an hour later and received lots of cuddles and treats. I heard her say something about nailing that thing down, but I thought it was great fun!

   Life is good here, all things considered!

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