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July 18, 2004

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Jackie and Einstein, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jackie, Einstein
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Abyssinian Guinea Pigs
Home: Ithaca, New York, USA
   Hi, my name is Einstein and I'm a Wonder Pig! I have a genetic defect that shows up when two roan or dalmatian guinea pigs are bred together. My hair is all white, my eyes are pink, I'm blind, I can't hear anything, I have no incisors, and my molars grow in funny because I have this defect. I have to have my molars trimmed every month or so (I hate dental work!) and I often have to eat from a syringe because I can't eat things properly.

    My human slave (who I call Grandma) softens my piggy pellets with baby peaches from a jar, and chops up my veggies into little pieces that I can slurp up! And then when my teeth get bad she feeds me Critical Care or pellet mash from the syringe! YUM! I love eating from the syringe. It's like nursing from Mommy! The food gets put in my mouth and all I have to do is swallow it!

    I live with my brother Jackie. Because I have so many problems eating, I'm kind of small and he's twice as big as me! He steals my veggies sometimes, which is because he's wacky. He can see and hear but he doesn't talk very much, which is why I'm talking for him. (I love to talk! I chatter on the phone all the time! I have many admirers who love to hear me squeak and tell them very important things!) Jackie doesn't know how to deal with humans very well. He got bored when Grandma was having a photo shoot, which is why he's yawning so big!

    When our Uncle Flake died, our stepdad Doom was very depressed. So Grandma figured she would get him a wife, who he would get along with, and they wouldn't have babies because he's fixed. So she got our mommy from a pet store, and Mommy was already pregnant with us! When we were born (July 31, 2003) Doom was a very good stepdad to us and licked our butts and cuddled up with me a lot. Mommy got frustrated with me because I was really hungry and wanted to nurse all the time because I couldn't eat anything else. After a week or so she made me spend most of my time with Daddy Doom because she wanted to eat and stuff without nursing me. She liked Jackie a lot more because he didn't bother her, and then they fell in love with each other. But when we were three weeks old, Jackie and I had to go live in a different cage because we were growing up.

    Jackie and I are always snuggling up, and we yell if Grandma takes one of us out and not the other. We were really rude to each other when we were adolescents, but we get along really well now and we snuggle up together to sleep. Jackie watches out for scary things, and I reassure him that he doesn't have to be so afraid of the world! And even though I'm blind and deaf and have these tooth problems, I'm very happy with my life and my wonderful Grandma who takes care of me and my fan club at that helped Grandma figure out what was wrong with me and my vet at Cornell who tortures me with his wacky vet tools but makes my mouth feel so much better afterwards!

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