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May 17, 2002

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Doom, Flake, the Pet of the Day
Name: Doom, Flake
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pigs
Home: Durham, North Carolina, USA
   These are my guinea pigs. I named them after Christoph "Doom" Schneider and Flake Lorenz, the drummer and keyboard player of the band Rammstein. Perhaps because of this, they like Rammstein the best and will often squeak at me whenever I play any other band, especially Iggy Pop. They really don't like Iggy Pop for some reason. Doom talks all the time anyway; the only time he stops running his mouth is when he's eating, or when I'm upset. Even when he's asleep, he still squeaks several times a minute. Flake talks much less, and does a lot of hiding and shrinking away from things. However, when I first saw them in the pet shop, Flake and their sister were the ones frisking around and talking to people that came near their cage, while Doom and their other brother were hiding behind their mother. It's been quite a turnaround. Doom is much bigger and used to bully Flake around constantly. I got them fixed, and so now Doom only pushes Flake around when Flake gets "uppity". After their neutering operation, Doom had an inflamed pad of fat that meant I had to take him back in so they could remove it--I called it his "blubberectomy"--and after that operation, he had to spend several hours in the travel box, while Flake had the cage all to himself. Flake was very pleased with himself, and strutted around like he owned the place. Of course, when I put Doom back in with him, that mistaken assumption was quickly rectified.

    They're brothers, and they squabble a lot, just like any brothers. When I take Flake out but not Doom, and sit in my computer chair, Flake hops up on my shoulder and begins taunting his brother. This always makes Doom mad and loud. If the two of them have two carrots, they will both pick one and play tug of war with it, each trying to keep it for his very own. But when I put them down on the kitchen floor for some playtime, (small picture) Flake always follows where Doom leads. The only time I've seen Doom follow Flake was once when Flake got scared and skittered off into an unreachable place. Doom gave him a funny look, and then trotted off to join him.

    It's always amusing to think of a silly little guinea pig named Doom, but he tries to live up to his name. When I put him down on the floor in the bathroom, he viciously attacks any towels that might be hanging close to the floor. His eyes glow red all the time, not just in his pictures. He's very sweet, though, and loves to gaze adoringly up at me, telling me at length how bad his brother is and how important he is... Flake is just scared and whimpery all the time. The large picture is of the two of them after they had a bath. They were most displeased.

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