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October 1, 2003

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Peaches, the Pet of the Day
Name: Peaches
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Mini-Rex Rabbit
Home: Eielson AFB, Alaska, USA
   Peaches is a very special rabbit. We bought her from a rabbit breeder in Georgia to keep our male rabbit, Ihop company when I went to work. Her breed is sometimes referred to as the Velveteen Rabbit due to their velvety soft fur. She can be very hyper, and loves to run free in our house. She and her bonded mate Ihop are real troopers, as they rode over 5,000 miles this summer as we moved from Georgia to Alaska. Her favorite snacks are saltine crackers, oats, carrots, apples, and Timothy Hay. She and Ihop share a huge caged area in our home and are allowed out daily for supervised exercise (they like to chew expensive computer cords and cables, we've discovered). They are both litter-box trained and are love magnets. We are very blessed to own such magnificent animals.

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