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Victoria the Double Yellow Headed Victoria
Double Yellow Headed
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
May 01, 2003

Chicken Bone the Ringneck Parakeet Chicken Bone
Ringneck Parakeet
Northern California, USA
May 02, 2003

Lucy Lou the Guinea Pig Lucy Lou
Guinea Pig
Victoria, Australia
May 03, 2003

Beto the Caribbean Hermit Crab Beto
Caribbean Hermit Crab
Alpharetta, Georgia, USA
May 04, 2003

Willow the Mini Lop Rabbit Willow
Mini Lop Rabbit
South Queensferry, Scotland
May 05, 2003

Kiwi the Red Throated Conure Kiwi
Red Throated Conure
Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA
May 06, 2003

Moses the Siberian Guinea Pig Moses
Siberian Guinea Pig
Lakewood, California, USA
May 07, 2003

Boo the Mosiac Chinchilla Boo
Mosiac Chinchilla
Elizabethtown, Kentucky, USA
May 08, 2003

Sunkist the Orange King Cobra Sunkist
Orange King Cobra
Indialantic, Florida, USA
May 09, 2003

Spicy the Guinea Pig Spicy
Guinea Pig
May 10, 2003

Button, Chewy the Bronze, Leopard Cory Button, Chewy
Bronze, Leopard Cory
Ottawa, Canada
May 11, 2003

Nimitz the Ferret Nimitz
Glendale, Wisconsin, USA
May 12, 2003

Rocky the Patagonian conure Rocky
Patagonian conure
Santa Ana, California, USA
May 13, 2003

Luvy the Rabbit Luvy
Inwood, New York, USA
May 14, 2003

Pickle the Mexican Green Conure Pickle
Mexican Green Conure
Hayward, California, USA
May 15, 2003

Zeus the Shire cross Zeus
Shire cross
Nokesville, Virginia, USA
May 16, 2003

Pink the Fancy Rat Pink
Fancy Rat
Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA
May 17, 2003

Poke the Mini Lop Rabbit Poke
Mini Lop Rabbit
Fresno, California, USA
May 18, 2003

Kermit the Green Iguana Kermit
Green Iguana
Sunny South, Florida, USA
May 19, 2003

Cooper the Pekin Duck Cooper
Pekin Duck
Texas, USA
May 20, 2003

Luna the Dwarf Rabbit Luna
Dwarf Rabbit
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
May 21, 2003

Vega, Nova the Budgies Vega, Nova
Malmö, Sweden
May 22, 2003

Pedro the Guinea Pig Pedro
Guinea Pig
Massachusetts, USA
May 23, 2003

Alfie the Polish Arabian Alfie
Polish Arabian
May 24, 2003

Damien the Ferret Damien
Aalborg, Denmark
May 25, 2003

Frisco the Appendix Quarter Horse Frisco
Appendix Quarter Horse
Idaho, USA
May 26, 2003

Rajah the Guinea Pig Rajah
Guinea Pig
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
May 27, 2003

Pippi the Dwarf rabbit Pippi
Dwarf rabbit
State College, Pennsylvania, USA
May 28, 2003

Giuseppe the Parrotlet Giuseppe
Brooklyn, New York, USA
May 29, 2003

Cinnamon the Miniature Horse Cinnamon
Miniature Horse
Pasadena, Texas, USA
May 30, 2003

Dinky the Bantam Chicken Dinky
Bantam Chicken
Carlock, Illinois, USA
May 31, 2003

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