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July 13, 2003

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Vanilla Bean, the Pet of the Day
Name: Vanilla Bean
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Mini Lop rabbit
Home: Fountain Valley, California, USA
   Vanilla Bean was adopted as a "girlfriend" for my first bunny CinnaBun. She is a mostly white mini lop rabbit with black beauty marks on her ears, around her eyes, half of her furry cottontail and two moon-shaped marks near her mouth. She is very special because she had been at the shelter for a while waiting for a good home. But unfortunately she has cataracts in both eyes, which deterred many families from adopting her.

    When I first decided to adopt another bunny, it was as a companion for CinnaBun. I brought him to the shelter to meet three to four different bunnies to see if there was any connection with one particular one. When CinnaBun and Vanilla Bean first met it was "love at first sight". I knew that she was the one for him. When I found out she had cataracts it didn't bother me. I just asked "how do I take care of her?"

    Cataracts in bunnies is similar to humans. They lose their eyesight, but unfortunately it can't be cured like in humans. She is totally blind in one eye and semi-blind in the other. But when you see CinnaBun and Vanilla Bean running around the house, eating their food, bathing each other, enjoying their daily activities together, you wouldn't even know she had anything wrong with her. She is very sweet and loving with me and CinnaBun. I can see why he loves her so much. They are the best of friends... and thats all thats important.

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