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September 2, 2002

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CinnaBun, the Pet of the Day
Name: CinnaBun
Age: 1.5 years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Holland Lop Rabbit
Home: Fountain Valley, California, USA
   Even though he was abused by a previous family before I adopted him from my local shelter he doesn't hold a grudge. CinnaBun is the sweetest bunny. He lets me know when he wants a head rub by licking my hand (bunny kisses) which I love. He's a good listener and never interrupts me when I am telling him about my problems. He's not only my pet, he's my friend.

    CinnaBun is a very special bunny. He is a very social bunny who loves people. Whenever I have friends over he immediately jumps on the couch to sit next to them as to say "Here I am... look at me... pet me" He doesn't have a mean bone in his cute furry little body except when it comes to feeding time. If I don't give him his carrots fast enough, he give me a tiny little nudge at my leg to say "Hurry up... I am hungry!" Probably his cutest (sneakiest) trick is his ability to get out of any confinement. One night I put him in his cage and the next morning there he was in the middle of the living room looking at me with his innocent eyes on the outside of his cage. To this day I am not sure how he undid the latch and jumped over the side of the cage. So I've finally learned that nothing can contain him. He doesn't have a cage anymore but has free run of the living room and kitchen which he loves. CinnaBun is definitely a free spirit that cannot be caged.

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