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August 21, 2003

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Emmy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Emmy
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Severe Macaw
Home: Jefferson, Arkansas, USA
   Hi! My name is Emmy. My mommy thinks I'm beautiful, but who wouldn't? I live with my other feathered brothers and sisters (boy, does Pretty Boy get on my nerves sometimes...), my iguana sister, Kelly, and my furry (dog) brother and sister Bubba and Fancy. My favorite things to do are:

    1) drive my mommy crazy yelling "MAMA! MAMA! MAMA! Come eeeeeere!!!" which usually works, because she comes :), and

    2) eat. I like just about anything, but I love pistachio nuts. Mom says they aren't good for me to eat all the time (something about fat or something) but she does give me some just about every day.

    I love my daddy very much, too. There are some mornings when I just don't want anyone to bother me (we all have those kind of days, right?) and my daddy is the only one I will sit still and talk to without trying to bite. I know lots of words, like "Mama," "Daddy," "Bite," "Hello," "Step Up," "Sit Down," "Come eeeeere!," "Love You," "Emmy," and most impressively (at least Mama says so), I can whistle the whole Andy Griffith Theme Song!

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