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Azure the Parakeet Azure
New Hampshire, USA
August 01, 2002

Cowboy the Horse Cowboy
Watertown, Minnesota, USA
August 02, 2002

Cheeky the Green cheek conure Cheeky
Green cheek conure
Milton, Ontario, Canada
August 03, 2002

Edd the Turtle Edd
Wishek, North Dakota, USA
August 04, 2002

Floppsy the Lop Rabbit Floppsy
Lop Rabbit
Bayport, New York, USA
August 05, 2002

Zena the Ferret Zena
Cave Creek, Arizona, USA
August 06, 2002

Te the Appaloosa Horse Te
Appaloosa Horse
Epping, New Hampshire, USA
August 07, 2002

Dooly the Mollucan Cockatoo Dooly
Mollucan Cockatoo
Lake Dallas, Texas, USA
August 08, 2002

Steinway the Mini Lop Rabbit Steinway
Mini Lop Rabbit
Columbus, Ohio, USA
August 09, 2002

Samson the Senegal Parrot Samson
Senegal Parrot
Dayton, Ohio, USA
August 10, 2002

Annie the Goat Annie
Acton, California, USA
August 11, 2002

Pasquale the Congo African Grey Pasquale
Congo African Grey
Mount Prospect, Illinois, USA
August 12, 2002

Thumper the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Thumper
Netherland Dwarf Rabbit
Wisconsin, USA
August 13, 2002

Angel the Parakeet Angel
South Carolina, USA
August 14, 2002

Puffy the Guinea Pig Puffy
Guinea Pig
Pennsylvania, USA
August 15, 2002

Eeny the Lion head goldfish Eeny
Lion head goldfish
Sequim, Washington, USA
August 16, 2002

Classy the Missouri Foxtrotter Classy
Missouri Foxtrotter
Eldridge, Missouri, USA
August 17, 2002

Jack the Mallard Duck Jack
Mallard Duck
Danvers, Massachusetts, USA
August 18, 2002

Chris the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo Chris
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
Malacca, Malaysia
August 19, 2002

Cirrus the Holland Lop Rabbit Cirrus
Holland Lop Rabbit
Cave Creek, Arizona, USA
August 20, 2002

Milo the Guinea Pig Milo
Guinea Pig
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
August 21, 2002

Margherita the Jenday Conure Margherita
Jenday Conure
Redmond, Washington, USA
August 22, 2002

PBJ the Syrian Hamster PBJ
Syrian Hamster
Bel Air, Maryland, USA
August 23, 2002

Farwel the French Saddle Horse Farwel
French Saddle Horse
Athens, Greece
August 24, 2002

Katee the Goat Katee
Apopka, Florida, USA
August 25, 2002

Avery the Congo African Gray Avery
Congo African Gray
Northern Iowa, USA
August 26, 2002

Pokey the African Pygmy Hedgehog Pokey
African Pygmy Hedgehog
Mineapolis, Minnesota, USA
August 27, 2002

Rocket the Black Bear hamster Rocket
Black Bear hamster
August 28, 2002

Kahless the Lilac Crowned Amazon Kahless
Lilac Crowned Amazon
Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
August 29, 2002

Jake, Zephy the Thoroughbred Horse Jake, Zephy
Thoroughbred Horse
Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, USA
August 30, 2002

Juliette the Bull Frog Juliette
Bull Frog
Auburn, Indiana, USA
August 31, 2002

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