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Ally the Arabian Ally
Rome, New York, USA
May 01, 1999

Clyde the Gold Abbysinnian Clyde
Gold Abbysinnian
Somerset, England, Great Britain
May 02, 1999

Sydney the Blue and Gold Macaw Sydney
Blue and Gold Macaw
Summerland, British Columbia, Canada
May 03, 1999

Vlad the Green Iguana Vlad
Green Iguana
Manhattan, New York, USA
May 04, 1999

Max the Quarter Horse Max
Quarter Horse
Alberta, Canada
May 05, 1999

Boomer the Alpaca Boomer
Deer Trail, Colorado, USA
May 06, 1999

Tesseract the Cinnamon Ferret Tesseract
Cinnamon Ferret
Maine, USA
May 07, 1999

Dude the Degu Dude
Vineland, Ontario, Canada
May 08, 1999

Badger the Gerbil Badger
Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA
May 09, 1999

Cooper the Jackson Chameleon Cooper
Jackson Chameleon
Washington, D.C., USA
May 10, 1999

Baby the Moluccan Cockatoo Baby
Moluccan Cockatoo
Florida, USA
May 11, 1999

Epizod the Purebred Arabian Stallion Epizod
Purebred Arabian Stallion
Marathon, New York, USA
May 12, 1999

Jake the African Senegal Parrot Jake
African Senegal Parrot
Santa Clara, California, USA
May 13, 1999

Belle the Sable Ferret Belle
Sable Ferret
Toledo, Ohio, USA
May 14, 1999

Nilla the Lop Eared Bunny Nilla
Lop Eared Bunny
Lakeland, Minnesota, USA
May 15, 1999

Holly, Edda the Fancy Rats Holly, Edda
Fancy Rats
Kerava, Finland
May 16, 1999

Rocky the Gray Squirrel Rocky
Gray Squirrel
Norman, Oklahoma, USA
May 17, 1999

Winter the Sable Winter
Portland, Maine, USA
May 18, 1999

Danish the Quarter Horse Danish
Quarter Horse
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
May 19, 1999

Roger the Mini French Lop Roger
Mini French Lop
Collegeville, Pennsylvania, USA
May 20, 1999

Sweetheart the Moluccan Sweetheart
Union, Michigan, USA
May 21, 1999

Pigglette the Abby Guinea Pig Pigglette
Abby Guinea Pig
Missouri, USA
May 22, 1999

Bump the Rabbit Bump
San Diego, California, USA
May 23, 1999

Li'l Miss Kiwi the Pacific Parrotlet Li'l Miss Kiwi
Pacific Parrotlet
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
May 24, 1999

Drain the Green Iguana Drain
Green Iguana
Ashburn, Virginia, USA
May 25, 1999

Sadie, Fidget the Himalayan Rabbits Sadie, Fidget
Himalayan Rabbits
Vernon, British Columbia, Canada
May 26, 1999

Chucky the African Pygmy Hedgehog Chucky
African Pygmy Hedgehog
Delran, New Jersey, USA
May 27, 1999

PJinkles the Cockatiel PJinkles
Reseda, California, USA
May 28, 1999

Hailey, Kalista, Jasper the Dutch Rabbits, Calico Hailey, Kalista, Jasper
Dutch Rabbits, Calico
Ridgeland, Mississippi, USA
May 29, 1999

Sissy the Raccoon Sissy
Pierceton, Indiana, USA
May 30, 1999

Annick the Sugar Glider Annick
Sugar Glider
Dallas, Texas, USA
May 31, 1999

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