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Nimblely the Mexican Red Nimblely
Mexican Red
New York, USA
September 01, 1998

Tweety and Spikey the Cat / Green Iguana Tweety and Spikey
Cat / Green Iguana
Whitmore Lake, Michigan, USA
September 02, 1998

Clotilde and Pio Pis the Peking Ducks Clotilde and Pio Pis
Peking Ducks
Bologna, Italy
September 03, 1998

Piglet the Fantail Goldfish Piglet
Fantail Goldfish
Ontario, Canada
September 04, 1998

Jackie the Quarter Horse Jackie
Quarter Horse
Washington, USA
September 05, 1998

Louis the Standard Rex Louis
Standard Rex
Michigan, USA
September 06, 1998

Stewart Lamb the Merino Sheep Stewart Lamb
Merino Sheep
Connecticut, USA
September 07, 1998

Stormy the Chinchilla Stormy
Dubuque, Iowa, USA
September 08, 1998

Princess the Ecletus parrot Princess
Ecletus parrot
College Park, Maryland, USA
September 09, 1998

Tarot and Spooky the English Guinea Pigs Tarot and Spooky
English Guinea Pigs
Southern New Jersey, USA
September 10, 1998

Annie the Horse Annie
Franklin, West Virginia, USA
September 11, 1998

Cleopatra the Red Tail Boa Cleopatra
Red Tail Boa
Oakland, California, USA
September 12, 1998

Miss Ellie the Canada Goose Miss Ellie
Canada Goose
Cochecton Center, New York, USA
September 13, 1998

Smokey the Ferret Smokey
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA
September 14, 1998

Pepe le Pue the Shetland Pony Pepe le Pue
Shetland Pony
Connecticut, USA
September 15, 1998

Gizmo the Guinea Pig Gizmo
Guinea Pig
Omaha, Nebraska, USA
September 16, 1998

Buzzy the Parrot Buzzy
Medford, New Jersey, USA
September 17, 1998

Chloe the Netherland Dwarf rabbit Chloe
Netherland Dwarf rabbit
Maryland, USA
September 18, 1998

Velcro the Hedgehog Velcro
Garrettsville, Ohio, USA
September 19, 1998

Pidge the Green Cheek Conure Pidge
Green Cheek Conure
Cleveland, Tennessee, USA
September 20, 1998

Pidge the Opossum Pidge
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
September 21, 1998

Kashmir the Egyptian Arabian Horse Kashmir
Egyptian Arabian Horse
Park Forest, Illinois, USA
September 22, 1998

Lightning the Grey Cockatiel Lightning
Grey Cockatiel
Coupeville, Washington, USA
September 23, 1998

Cocoa the Rabbit Cocoa
Toronto, Canada
September 24, 1998

Spot the Chili Rose Hair Tarantula Spot
Chili Rose Hair Tarantula
Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA
September 25, 1998

Trousers the Abyssinian Guinea Pig Trousers
Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Tokyo, Japan
September 26, 1998

Honker the Mallard Duck Honker
Mallard Duck
Waterford, Connecticut, USA
September 27, 1998

Copernicus the Rat Copernicus
Ventura, California, USA
September 28, 1998

Corky the Cockatiel Corky
New Braunfels, Texas, USA
September 29, 1998

Porkchop the Vietnamese Pig Porkchop
Vietnamese Pig
Milan, Georgia, USA
September 30, 1998

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