Hi Miss Dixie! Happy Dog of the Day you, sweet baby girl!

What an adorable young Doxie girl you are, Dixie, puppy preciousness personified! That look of love and innocence on your sweet face is over the moon heart-melting! And oh, what I wouldn't give to stroke those long, velvety ears!

You truly are the quintessential California girl, aren't you, Dixie; turning heads wherever you go, no doubt; basking in that bright California sunshine, living the good life!
All that's missing are a pair of some stylin' shades! And I only imagine what a treat it is to pet that warm, solar powered coat, hehe

She is three months old in this picture, and enjoying the California sunshine. It's funny, sometimes in spring and it's cool out but sunny, you can pet her for warmth, as that black coat absorbs the rays of the sun. We tell her she must be solar-powered. By the way - she has grown into those ears a bit more!
You may be pint-sized, Dixie, but you sure do pack a ton of personality and spunk, sweetness and heart into that wee frame! How lucky your family is, having a beautiful, well mannered, sweet and loving furbaby in you, Dixie! And just as your Mom says, the good times have only just begun, with so many happy, fun filled and adventure packed days (and warm feet!) to look forward to over the months and years to come! What a tiny treasure you are, Miss Dixie, beautiful inside and out, and so very deserving of your big day of honor!

Thanks for the BIG smiles, cutie pie! Meeting you today has been such a treat! I hope you enjoy a very special Dog of the Day celebration...playing and sniffing and exploring; making all sorts of puppy mischief; chowing down on some yummy treats; cuddling with your humans; being loved and pampered to pieces! Lots of love, snuggles and kisses to you, adorable Miss Dixie, our very special and most deserving Dog of the Day, EVERY day!!!

SO precious!!!