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Thread: Stunning Siamese/Shorthair Shula!

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    Stunning Siamese/Shorthair Shula!

    Dearest Shula, what a beautiful Siamese/Shorthair mix lady you are! You are stunning indeed, with that unusual mixture of colors in your soft-looking fur. We can see your Siamese heritage in the lighter colors on your torso and the more distinct markings and coloring on your legs and face. They're not quite Siamese "points," but they definitely stand out with the design from your non-Siamese side of the family. You have the sweetest face with those lovely big eyes, not quite Siamese blue but I think there's some blue in there. And I love those multi-color paw pads and toes! You are really beautiful and look so sweet resting there so comfortably. I wish I could reach through the screen and all the way across the ocean to Tel Aviv in Israel to pet you! I can't, of course, but I know your loving and beloved person will pet you for me .

    And what a delightful personality you have! Your dear person says you're "..the most contrary cat on earth but I still love her." You argue right back if he/she scolds you! You are quite the intellectual cat. You're very smart, you enjoy poetry and literature, and you're very strong in the sciences, in particular computer science. You like playing with your Sony Playstation, and your favorite game is Grand Theft Auto, which you find fascinating. You enjoy meowing, especially at 4:00 am! Your hobby is to lie down, do nothing, and eat a lot. You and your person love each other very much, don't you. What a wonderful love-filled home you share!

    Congratulations, darling Shula, on being chosen today's Cat of the Day! We hope you and your dear person and all your family and friends are enjoying a fine celebration, full of fun and lovies and all your favorite treats and games, perhaps another round of Grand Theft Auto!

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    Stunning Shula!

    Hi Shula! Happy Cat of the Day, sweet baby girl!

    What a stunning, breathtakingly beautiful, blue-eyed Siamese x you are, Shula! And oh boy, not only are you a headturner, you just might be the smartest kitty on the planet! Your list of likes, interests and hobbies rival the most erudite and learned of humans! (Play Station?)

    As I said she is the most contrary cat on earth, and is prone to arguing back if I scold her. But she is very smart, she likes poems and literature, she also very strong in sciences especially she loves computer science.
    Contrary at times you may be, never hesitating to hesitate to speak your mind; read diva, lol But just as your human says she/he wouldn't have you any other way! Why mess with purrfection? How lucky your human is, having a beautiful, fascinating, oh so special furkid in you, Shula! You're the best!

    Thanks for the BIG smiles, Shula! Meeting you today has been such fun! I hope you enjoy a very special day of celebration, sweetheart...poring over your fave poems and works of literature; partaking in some fun time on your Playstation...Grand Theft Auto, lol; spending special time with your human; being loved and pampered to pieces! Lots of love, hugs and smooches to you, beautiful, amazing Shula, our very special and most deserving Cat of the Day, EVERY day!!!


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