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Thread: Cali has lumps

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    Cali has lumps

    Had Cali at the vet for a health check and shots. Also had the vet look at the two lumps she has. The one on her side deflated completely when needle poked, likely a cyst. The one on her head, just above her left eye appears to be benign when the cells were looked at under the microscope. She also needs a dental. In about 6 months she will go back for bloodwork prior to having the dental and the head lump removed. I'm a little worried because she is 13 and is already on pain management meds as well as thyroid meds. Have to try to get her weight down a bit in these next 6 months to make the surgery a little safer.

    My beautiful, white kitty is not aging gracefully.
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    Glad they were lumps of the non scary kind. Still, no fun getting poked and prodded. You and she are in our prayers.
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    I'm sorry for your cat. It is very unpleasant when animals are sick. I myself, like animals, get sick, so it's like a tragedy. After all, the animal will not say that it hurts or what it feels, it becomes easier for it or not, and how it is possible to help in general.

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    We are sending loads of loving good wishes and hopes and prayers and healing energies for dear Cali.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phesina View Post
    We are sending loads of loving good wishes and hopes and prayers and healing energies for dear Cali.

    {{{{{HUGS}}}}} and ~~~~PURRRS~~~~ and from Pat and Sparkler and Tinker
    That goes for me, too!
    More hugs,
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