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    Bitey Cats

    Hi, I have a two and a half year old black cat names Emily. I absolutely love her but she bit one of my family members today and everyone in my family is over reacting and acting like she's going to kill us all if we dont send her to the humane society. The only times she used to bite were if we got to close while the local stray cat came to the yard and have a staring contest with her (she has gotten out of the house twice and both times gotten into a vicious fight with this cat). She's not attacking us constantly and she still loves to cuddle and play most of the time, but occasionally she'll run up, bite a leg lightly and run away, or scratch someone out of nowhere. I really dont wont to lose her and I would some advice as to what to do

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    Aww, no need to get rid of her! Sounds like a couple thing doing on here - the nipping at the ankles is definitely play - so get some toys that let her leap and attack them instead of humans! The "feather on a fishing pole" type is a good one, an make it a routine to have a good long play session at least one a day. Tell others to play with her as well, fetch or whatever will wear her out, and give them some enjoyment too!

    The stray cat that come around is obviously another issue - do you know who it belongs to? She is seeing that as an invader in her territory - when she gets focussed on that, do NOT try to pet her. Block her view of that cat, and bring out the "fishing" toy or something else she can focus her energy and attention on.
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