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Thread: Lovey Pua anteater

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    Lovey Pua anteater

    I stood in the closet a long time because she wanted me to sleep with her

    This is when I was called away and grabbed the camera(so was taken first)

    Digging in the dog food

    and having a tomato

    Video of tomato fun

    Goodnight Pua

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    Awww, snuggly Pua! Gotta love that pretty girl!
    I've Been Frosted

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    As always, I raced to open this thread when I saw you have posted more on our dear Pua. I just love her and her fun and games!

    SLEEP with her? LOL, she was sleeping, you were with her, but it sure doesn't sound like you slept. Snuggly Pua, she loves you.

    I need to go watch the tomato vids. So in the first one, I kept waiting for that tomato skin to drop. How close to the edge can Pua keep the tomato without dropping it? LOL

    And in the second one, she makes quick work of it (I guess because it is not balancing), and then waves you over for more!

    So cute peaking out from her hammock.

    Thanks as always for sharing your dear gal with us.

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    Thanks. She used to sleep in bed with me, hugging my hand or draped over my back like a baby on mom. Now she just sleeps in her washer. Sometimes she comes to try and sleep with me for awhile but squirms a bunch then eventually leaves. Guess I'm just to lumpy. So I guess I owe her a snuggle in her place sometimes since she tries with me.

    She loves those tomatoes. She begs for them a lot. I had some out to ripen and guess she smelled them because the other night she found her way up there so she got a couple for her effort and I moved them into the fridge.

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    Some photos of Pua's walk
    There's more photos plus the descriptions on the link

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    Aweee I just Love seeing our wittle Pua.. Your such a Cutie Pie Pua..

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    Pua what a stylin girl you are in your beautiful sweater!
    I love seeing pictures of you. Looks like you really enjoyed that tomato too!
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