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  1. Hello,
    Yes actually I have to parakeets one male and one female I just haven't gotten any real good pics of them yet. Actually I only posted pics of my one dog that I lost to cancer back in 2006. I did get a new dog that same year but I haven't gotten far enough yet to post some pics of her yet either but I do have some. I also have two rabbits and 8 cats. I' be more then willing to post those pics as well I just have so many of my cats it's hard to piick the right ones to post lol. Thank you for looking at my photos.

  2. HI!
    I noticed that you joined the Parrot Perch and wanted to know if you have any birds. . .I have a flock of 12 - no mammals in my house except myself and my husband! Your dogs are beautiful. . .

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