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  1. Thursday 10-25-2012

    Sitting here watching Annie sunbathe and so thankful she is recovering from her ordeal of getting spayed...NEVER in my life have I had to watch a pet go thru that kind of ordeal all from dirty utensils and the vet won't take any responsibility towards it either...You can be sure any body I know that might THINK of going to them I will tell my story
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  2. Personalized pet mailboxes

    My name is Michel,
    I am a craftsman, and I offer you to customize your mailbox
    animal model. Just send me a photo or photos of your dog
    and to the extent possible, I will form a replica mailbox.
    Here the occasion to put a personal key at your house or to make an original gift for years.
    For more info:
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  3. Original David missing ten years since june 2nd 2002

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    I am so sorry. Deepest sympathy on this sad anniversary for you. I hope you will also enjoy some memories of the wonderful times you and he shared.

    What a fine-looking fellow David is! He is healthy and happy again, waiting at the Rainbow Bridge to greet you, One Fine Day..

    God bless,

    thank you.. pat
  4. So happy!

    I'm so happy, today my little Bella is pet of the day!
  5. Word Overlap

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