Rest In Peace

Pictures of cat's who have moved on a long time ago.
  1. T.J. making an empty Pepsi box his own.
  2. Casper
  3. Gimini sleeping on grandmom's bed
  4. Muffin II and Buffey
  5. R.I.P. Smokey
  6. Bingo December 2005
  7. Peanut
  8. Big Ceaser the daddy to Peanut, T.J., and Lilly, and the Grandfather to three of our younger cats.
  9. Gemini sitting in the window with two of her daughters Peanut and Olivia.
  10. Casper no relation to our other cats sleeping with Olivia.
  11. Olivia was T.J.'s daughter and I lost her as well to the naighbors.
  12. T.J. I lost him due to my next door naighbors.
  13. Bingo was my Grandmothers cat that I took care of after my Grandmother passed away. I lost her to Cancer right after Christmas 2008.
  14. This is Gemini she's our oldest cat in the house she's 2 years old and she is the mother of Lilly, T.J., Peanut, and Oliva. Gemini is also the...
  15. Oliva sleeping away after eating her hearty healthy breakfast that I cooked up personally.
  16. This is Jinx he is the father to J.J. and hubby to Lilly. Jinx is the Manx that we have he has a very small tail but he is known as a rumpy riser.
  17. This is also Jinx he maxing and relaxing in the kitchen outside the half bathroom.
  18. This is Becky with Jinx he pretty much claimed her after we pulled him in from outside in Novmeber last year.
  19. This is Oliva sleeping with her father T.J. they look so much a like and oddly enough they act a like as well.
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