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I had gotten a german shephard collie mix named Cheyenne when she was a year and a half old, and just three years ago I had lost her to cancer. She was my best friend and protector, and even thugh I tried looking for another dog that looked close to her I could only find one with the same colors she was. So now I have a dog named Sadie who was still a puppy when I got her from the animal shelter and instead of her having the two breeds she has four breeds in her making her a true mutt. LOL Sadie is a german shephard, greyhound,collie,pitt bull mix.
  1. I'm tiered
  2. Sadie "May I please have my meaty bones"
  3. Becca and Sadie
  4. Cheyenne with her head tilted looking at me.
  5. Cheyenne resting from playing my her Grandmother's room
  6. Billy and Cheyenne playing
  7. Chey smilling
  8. Hmmm what to pick
  9. Cheyenne wanting to play some more
  10. Winter 2005 with me holding my dog Cheyenne and my friend's dog Ebby on my lap
  11. Chey on the couch
  12. Bridget and Cheyenne
  13. Cheyenne guarding her ball
  14. Cheyenne Sleeping on her bed 2000
  15. Cheyenne with the Easter Bunny 2006
  16. Sadie with her head out of her make shift blanket
  17. Sadie sporting her winter jacket
  18. Sadie shortly after I got her from the shelter.
  19. Becky and Saide touching noses
  20. Sadie all covered up in her own make shift blanket.
  21. Sadie sporting her new hoodie sweatshirt.
  22. Sadie
  23. Sadie in her Pumpkin costume
  24. Sadie eating a peanut butter Easter Egg
  25. This is my Sadie baby just chillaxing on her favorite chair.
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