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Sweety the Dwarf Rabbit, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sweety
Age: Five months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dwarf Rabbit
Home: Germany
   My pet is a rabbit. It's a female, and her name is "Sweety" because that suits her personality so very well. She is black and is just five months old. She is a dwarf rabbit, so will not ever be much bigger than she already is. My rabbit lives in a hutch in our garden, but in the winter she lives in our garage, so she stays nice and warm and cozy.

     Sweety is very very very sweet and you can touch her all the time, she is not shy like some rabbits, and does not bite. She loves to be stroked, and I am glad, as she is very soft. She loves her food, but she doesn't drink very much water. I love her.

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