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Aspen the Nigerian Dwarf Goat, the Pet of the Day
Name: Aspen
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Home: Modesto, California, USA
   Aspen is hilarious! When I point to her food she just cocks her head upside down! She is so fluffy and special to me! She and her sister Cedar were born in Santa Rosa but we moved them to Modesto. They are both tri-colored. Aspen hates the rain, but loves hot water. Trying to tell her it is the same substance does not work!

     Aspen and her sister are also very special to me, as they came along to replace two goats who were killed by dogs. Aspen is not only cute, but smart, fluffy and cuddly! I am teaching her tricks, and she is learning pretty well. She will jump on anything I pat on and say "up up." I'm training her to shake, too. She loves leaves, grass, wheat thins, pretzels, bread, almonds, kale, melon, and blueberry candy canes as treats, and is pretty enthusiastic about any food. They are the best goats in the world! I love her!

Aspen the Nigerian Dwarf Goat, the Pet of the Day

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