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Sullivan the Giant Leopard Gecko, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sullivan
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Giant Leopard Gecko
Home: Alta Loma, California
   Sullivan, also known as Sully, is a Giant Leopard Gecko. His coloring and patterning (also called a morph) is an Albino Lavender Jungle. His brother Gordon (they aren't really brothers I just call them that) is the same morph but looks quite a bit different. I didn't have Sullivan yet but I did want another at that time. I started checking out the online business called, where I purchased Gordon from and there was Sullivan. You can't keep two male Leopard Geckos in the same cage together or they will fight over territory. So I had to set up a whole new home for Sully.

     Sullivan took a little bit longer to get used to me than Gordon, who was tame right out of the box. So I would sit next to Sully's cage everyday and just talk to him (well, I left him alone and ignored him for the first week). To my surprise the second day he started coming out of his cave to listen to me. The next week I started putting my hand inside the cage, motionless, and would talk to him that way. One day he surprised me buy walking up to my hand and giving it a lick!

     Now I can hold Sullivan with no problems. He also gets along with my dog Ravin. She will be sitting on the couch and Sully will walk right up to her nose. Sometimes it seems that they are having a staring contest. Sullivan always wins or he forfeits by walking away. Sully is a good friend and seems to enjoy going for walks on the couch or sitting in my shoulder going from room to room. Leopard geckos have a lifespan of fifteen to twenty years so I am hoping he will be with me for a long time.

Sullivan the Giant Leopard Gecko, the Pet of the Day Sullivan the Giant Leopard Gecko, the Pet of the Day Sullivan the Giant Leopard Gecko, the Pet of the Day

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