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Alvin, Simon, the Pet of the Day
Name: Alvin, Simon
Age: Four and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: English Short-Hair Guinea Pigs
Home: Illinois, USA
   Three years ago, these two cuties were abandoned at the Humane Society on Christmas Eve. Shortly after Christmas, we adopted them and named them Alvin and Simon after two of the famous, adorable, singing Chipmunks!

    After a couple days, we had to separate Alvin and Simon due to fighting but they were immediately perfectly happy with their own space, food, and toys! (Alvin often seemed to be intimidated by Simon because Simon liked to dominate their food/water and insisted on first dibs on veggies. Once they were separated, Alvin was much happier to have his own domain. The separation has really brought Alvin out of his shell and he is much more interactive with us - and he has become the major whistler of our family!)

    Alvin and Simon have been a joy to our household! They are so sweet! They were slim when we adopted them but quickly "filled out" with plenty of good food and fresh veggies! (Fortunately, they have had no illnesses or health issues.)

    Alvin loves celery leaves and will whistle for them or shake his little bell to get our attention and let us know he is hungry! Alvin is the best behaved scamp we've ever had when he is getting his nails cut!

    Simon loves food but also loves his toys. We've never had a GP like Simon before; he plays with all of his toys every day! He even moves them from one corner of his cage to another corner. Sometimes he fills his pellet bowl with his toys! He loves having his toys close by when he is sleeping. :)

    Alvin and Simon want to wish everyone Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and they're both enjoying their holidays by being spoiled every day!!

    To see more cute photos of Alvin and Simon (and all of our adopted GPs), please check out our non-profit, fun, photo site.

Alvin, Simon, the Pet of the Day
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Alvin, Simon, the Pet of the Day
Alvin, Simon, the Pet of the Day
Alvin, Simon, the Pet of the Day

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